Witchcraft Playscripts

Year 6 have been learning about Crime and Punishment in History. We learnt about why innocent people were found guilty of the crime of witchcraft in Salem, and the punishments they received.

In Big Write, we wrote play scripts to convey our historical knowledge and inspired by The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Here is a fantastic example by Bailey


Today we used our creative skills to make up a dance routine around a theme drawn at random.  We were superheroes, robots, penguins and Olympians to name just a few!

We had to keep to a beat of 4 and built up our dances to include more moves.


Collage Final Pieces

We have used a range of skills to create our mixed media collage pieces, including layering, ripping, drawing and water-colours.

Please check back on Monday for the photos as I am having some technical difficulties this evening.

Year 6 feel like they have got better at using the tissue paper to build texture, but still need to work on filling the page. We said that we might start with a colour wash next time.